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Lufthansa expands digitization unit Innovation Hub in China

07/04/2018| 3:16:54 PM| 中文

The aim is to build a sustainable bridge to the Asian market with its massive, dynamic culture of innovation.

Lufthansa Group opened offshoots of its Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Singapore and Shenzhen (China) on July 1, 2018.

With the two new locations in Asia, the company is once again leading the way as the first non-Asian airline group to expand its digitization efforts into what is currently the most dynamic market for travel and mobility innovations.

With its own location in Shenzhen, the Lufthansa Innovation Hub has focused strongly on China from the start. Currently, China is the world’s most dynamic ecosystem for travel and mobility innovations.

“Just as in the European technology ecosystem, the development of our Asian sites will be test-driven and iterative. First of all, we need to fully understand the prevailing dynamics, expand our existing local network, and make a genuine impact. On this basis, we can then generate structured insights along the Lufthansa Group value chain, consider specific partnerships and investments, and, ultimately, develop our own solutions tailored to the local markets,” explains Gleb Tritus, Managing Director of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub.

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