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Expedia’s TMC now offers global Wi-Fi for business travelers

07/03/2018| 6:11:09 PM| 中文

Egencia, the business travel arm of Expedia Group, has added global Wi-Fi as a benefit for clients through its Egencia Advantage program.

Through partnerships with hundreds of mobile carriers and internet service providers, Advantage now offers Wi-Fi access in more than 120 countries.

“There are two areas that are important for Wi-Fi. One would be just the security and knowing you are actually connected, while you are working, to a secure connection, knowing that not every publicly available hot spot is secure and compliant with your company’s obligations,” says Andrew Dyer, vice president of global supply-lodging at Egencia.

“And the second is traveler convenience. Depending on the destination you are traveling to, there may or may not be secure or reliable Wi-Fi, or data roaming may be extremely expensive.”

To access the participating providers, companies purchase pocket Wi-Fi devices that their employees can use while traveling.

Egencia launched the Advantage program last November to provide specialized services for business travelers beyond their flight, hotel and ground transportation needs.

In addition to the new Wi-Fi offering, Egencia clients can access visa processing services, airport lounge access, parking, air delay claim compensation and travel risk management assistance through the Advantage portfolio.

Dyer says Egencia is continually pursuing new partners to expand the Advantage offerings.

“We are going after three buckets of third-party partnerships,” he says.

“One bucket would be those that can help you optimize your travel program as a travel manager or as a client. One bucket would be increasing traveler comfort and convenience and that sort of thing. And the third bucket would be helping protect travelers, keep them secure, that kind of area.”

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