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Booking.com: 82% HK travellers to take food tourism trip this year

06/21/2018| 2:53:06 PM|

Asian countries nowadays trump some of the well-known culinary destinations like France and Italy, according to westerners and fellow Asians.

According to a survey conducted to over 50,000 global travellers by online travel agent Booking.com, 82% of Hong Kong travellers are planning to take a dedicated food tourism trip sometime this year, much higher than the global average 34%. 70% of them say they pick a destination for its great food or drink.

A food adventure is most popular amongst Asian travellers from China (65%), India (57%), Thailand (53%), Indonesia (50%) and Hong Kong (48%). Asians are especially attracted to dishes that are Instagram-worthy. 

The top four food destinations in Asia are Ipoh, Malaysia; Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Nagoya, Japan; and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The attitude of travellers toward food significantly changed, which is evident in the Global Report on Food Tourism by the World Tourism Organization where 88.2 % of the survey respondents consider gastronomy as a defining element of the brand image of travel destinations. Moreover, one-third of the traveller’s budget is spent on food alone.

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