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Trip by Skyscanner's API available to partners, train bookings featured

04/04/2018| 12:52:42 PM|

Travel brands looking to offer more personalized content and recommendations to customers have a new resource in Trip by Skyscanner.

Formerly Trip.com, Trip by Skyscanner has created an API so online travel agencies, destination marketing organizations, accommodation providers, airlines and other travel companies can access its database of photos, user reviews and editorial content about more than 66,000 destinations.

The API also gives access to Trip by Skyscanner’s recommendation engine that surfaces personalized content based on 19 defined traveler personas known as “Tribes”. It also uses predictive intelligence to customize recommendations based on time of day, weather, location and more.

Ctrip, which invested in Skyscanner in 2016 in a deal worth £1.4 billion, acquired Trip.com in November 2017 and rebranded it as Trip by Skyscanner.

Skyscanner has launched a train booking feature, diversifying the travel search engine’s offering to UK travelers.

By adding train fares to its offer, Skyscanner is now also competing with the likes of trainline.com and Virgin Trains, and each traveler it can lure to its own website or mobile app is a minor victory.

The data behind the rail feature is powered by Trip.com.

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