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The democratization of travel and the future of airline innovation

03/01/2018| 3:57:40 PM| 中文

AI, robotics technology and fintech innovation are coming to be sophisticated, but still leave much to be improved.

In spite of reports of negative passenger experiences and other challenges, the industry continues to be the glue that holds together global commerce and helps build rich experiences for generation after generation of traveler - including those who may be experiencing the wonder of travel for the first time.

Innovation has a significant role to play in the process.

Now new technologies are catching up with some of the most intractable problems airlines face, even as they extend the benefits of high-quality travel to millions more customers.

Chatbots are becoming more sophisticated in helping improve how customers interact with carriers. From flight searches to status updates, bots are helping consumers plan their travel better and save time in the planning. Several carriers now offer some form of customer-facing chatbot technology. Easier searches mean more accessibility for travelers - and better experiences.

Robotics technology is also starting to come of age, as customer-facing robots have started appearing at airports around the world.

Fintech innovation is also beginning to impact and improve airline booking and travel.

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