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Is the traditional hotel chain dead?

02/26/2018| 3:30:17 PM| 中文

If guests have memorable experiences at hotels, the industry will continue to attract business, regardless of the rise of new competition.

There’s an app for virtually every traveler’s need, whether you want a penthouse tonight or a reservation at the hottest new restaurant in town. And the demand for authenticity—not just the canned guide-book-style suggestions of days gone—is at an all-time high. So where does that leave the traditional hotel? And how can it remain relevant in a world where digital disruption is redefining entire industries?

Hospitality legend Ian Schrager—whose cutting-edge hotels are often social hubs for tourists and locals alike—believes that adaptation is essential.

Modern accommodation options such as Airbnb are an obvious threat to the industry, but Schrager is quick to point out that hotels can offer what these services cannot: an experience.

Philippe Gombert—president of the Relais & Chateaux collection of restaurants, boutique hotels, and resorts—believes that providing an effortless experience is the key to 21st-century hotel success.

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