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How cutting-edge hotels use AI for a great guest experience

02/08/2018| 6:29:05 PM| 中文

AI is working far beyond imagination for hotel systems, a breakthrough we all have been anxiously awaiting.

In the 21st century, industries that resist integrating new technologies often lose their competitive edge. Businesses across the globe have realized how important it is to include contemporary digital technology to drive constant growth and revenue.

The last decade has seen incredible innovations and breakthroughs in the landscape of digital solutions. One of such compelling technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Often misconceived as simply a replacement for human power, the concept of AI as a technological aid is more pervasive. For the hospitality industry, it has created greater trust and efficiency, showing the promise of transforming operations, customer service, and facilities through AI-powered robotics.

Let’s learn more about how hotel industry leverages Artificial Intelligence to improve the guest experience.

Having an intelligent hotel that surpasses customer expectations is the strategy many modern hospitality leaders and service partners conjure. What adds viability to this concept is the thought of making it all enhanced with AI-powered care, support and service. There are certain essential elements that make hotels intelligent.

AI robots not only diminish the human involvement with its voice-activated assistants but also smarten the way hotel guest service is delivered to customer’s satisfaction. From customer’s personal choices to their smallest of needs, AI-enabled hotel concierge bots can offer minute service and careful assistance.

Apple’s Siri started providing voice-activated assistance to its mobile users to an extent that it has become almost a norm now. Amazon Echo and Alexa have also joined the race of creating a richer, more delightful customer experience using the power of machine learning of AI software.

Ever since the artificially intelligent system has crept into the hotel industry, the hospitality sector is abuzz with AI’s ability to learn about customers using its data analytics platform that helps hotel staff create a better frame of customers. 

The hospitality industry has realized that in-depth customer service, paired with properly-harnessed customer insight, is the best key to increase brand value. This is why we have begun to see a rise in mature-service hotels where customers not only enjoy a hotel’s interior charm but are also equally satisfied with effective AI robot concierge services.

In last few years, we have managed to feel comfortable with voice assistants on the go as well as at home, bridging the gap between machine and humans. The hospitality industry now has the next generation of  the hotel concierge.

Even though AI is regarded as the emerging technology trend, the hospitality industry has already experienced incredible benefits and wide impact on their business momentum. From AI-powered robotic concierge service to voice-activated assistants accelerate customer experience, Artificial Intelligence is changing the hotel industry.

The technology enables personalized concierge services, offers real-time recommendations, and easy service requests management. Hence, we can conclude that AI is working far beyond imagination for hotel systems, a breakthrough we all have been anxiously awaiting.

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