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The top 10 technology priorities for airlines in 2018

01/10/2018| 2:32:58 PM| 中文

The best advice for airlines may be: step back, consider the big picture, and let the customer be your guide.

We’ve looked at the prevailing themes in our airline technology coverage for 2017 and identified 10 priorities that airlines may want to put on their master tasks lists.

Cyber threats affect all industries around the globe, and aviation is no exception.

We’ve learned over the years that everything that can possibly go wrong in the complex operations chain of aviation eventually does. Whether caused by human error, critical services disruption, or the weather, airlines have to have strong back-up plans to tackle irregular operations.

If 2017 taught us anything it is that government policy can change overnight and complicate air travel.

Blockchain will play an important role in data exchange in the airline industry, but it’s no something that any one airline or airport should try to tackle without careful study and collaboration.

We’ve talked a lot about big data in recent years and the many ways that data can help personalize the travel experience, but all of that data means little if you don’t focus on the elements of personalisation that matter most.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make interactions with customers more meaningful and targeted offers more likely to be converted into sales.

For a number of airlines inflight connectivity installations are already underway, but for the rest inflight connectivity remains a high priority.

Airlines are doing very well at boosting ancillary revenue, by continuing to improve their merchandising and retail strategies they stand to do even better.

Loyalty programs have delivered a reliable stream of income to airlines for years, but it’s time to re-imagine loyalty and make it more meaningful.

The potential applications of technology to improve air travelare vast. It might be difficult to decide the level of investment to make or which project to deploy first. Some have bold ambitions to keep innovation in-house and are building the infrastructure for it, others will find it easier to get to done by collaborating with expert partners. Both approaches work, if the result is improved operations and better passenger service.

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