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Hainan Airlines eyes more flights to US

12/12/2017| 9:58:02 AM|

Hainan Airlines, China's largest private air carrier, said it is interested in launching more China-US direct flights, as more Chinese travelers are visiting the US.

The carrier also plans to extend its cooperation with US airlines. Next year, it will start code sharing programs with Alaska Airlines and Jet-Blue Airways to strengthen its network coverage in the United States, especially on the east and west coasts.

Pubin Liang, regional managing director of Hainan Airlines in the United States, said to further increase its market share, the carrier is striving to get the flying rights to launch direct flights between Shanghai and major US cities, especially those that already offer direct flights to Beijing.

"We launched a number of direct flights between second-tier Chinese cities and major US cities, following the increasing demand from smaller Chinese cities. North America is one of our most important markets, and we have kept looking for potential opportunities in this market," Liang said.

On October 20 and October 26, Hainan Airlines launched direct flights between Chongqing and New York and Chengdu and New York, respectively. Those are the first direct flights to New York from western China. It also operates direct flights between these two cities and Los Angeles.

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