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Ad tech, blockchain and travel – a new area for disruption (or not)

11/23/2017| 1:15:43 PM| 中文

Ink Global partners with AdEx Network, selling space on boarding passes for a major airline. Will such decentralized auction for advertising inventory reshape the online advertising landscape?

Industry first alert! “The very first blockchain-based auction for advertising inventory” is taking place and involves a travel media business selling space on one million printed-at-home boarding passes for a major airline.

AdEx Network describes itself as a “a decentralized ad network” and has linked up with Ink Global, a travel media business with interests ranging from hard-copy inflight magazines to targetted ads on travel documents, apps and websites. It works with more than 20 airlines worldwide.

The post makes some bold claims, with AdEx saying the tie-up is “a huge step forward in the reshaping of the online advertising landscape.”

The tie-up with Ink is an interesting first step but there is a world of difference between producing a snazzy YouTube video and building a successful business using a technology which, let’s face it, currently has significantly more use cases than case studies. Although it might be worth noting that people were probably saying similar things in 1996 when a business called Microsoft Expedia Travel Services debuted on the web.

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