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Five tools to improve hotel direct booking conversion

07/28/2017| 7:34:06 PM| 中文

Statistics show that the average conversion rate for direct bookings is about 1% and about 99% of users don’t make their bookings on their first visit to the hotel’s website.

The average conversion rate for direct bookings is about 1%. How can hoteliers convert those 99% visitors who leave the website?

In addition to a good booking engine, these are the five crucial tools for a successful integrated digital strategy:

“Shopping activation” widgets

Shopping activation widgets are dynamic elements in the website that display various messages in order to encourage greater user interaction while users are surfing the website and/or booking engine.

“Shopping cart recovery” pop-ups

Shopping cart recovery pop-ups are customized windows that appear on the website in order to stimulate interaction when users have a low engagement ratio on the website. 

Chat and messenger tools

These innovative means of communication are a great way to convert customer orders into bookings. They enable you to create a relationship with customers before they make a booking, while also allowing you to offer customized deals.

Real time widget for price comparison with OTAs

If the price on the website is lower than the one offered by OTAs such as booking.com or Expedia, there is clearly a greater tendency for visitors to make a booking at that particular time. 

Retargeting ads

Retargeting is a powerful and effective tool that enables you to display ads to users who have visited the website in the past, encouraging them to come back and complete the reservation.

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