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Tech company Plum raises a glass to automatic wine

02/03/2017| 1:03:14 PM| 中文

US tech company Plum set up a wine on-demand service provider in hotel guestrooms.

Plum, a US-based, wine on-demand technology company, has this week launched a version of its product specifically for hotels.

The idea is that the device (stainless steel, 17 inches high, 20 inches deep, 15 inches wide, 50 pounds in weight) sits in a hotel room and acts as a virtual sommelier.

A touch-screen allows the guest to choose from a selection of wines (each with a description and notes as to their origin), then a glass is poured (a bit like a coffee dispenser) into a glass.

The device automatically tracks consumption, bills the guest profile and alerts housekeeping when bottles need replacing.

Marriott is also starting tests of a similar service (a “portable wine cart”) through its Element brand, which is activated by a guest’s hotel room keycard.

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