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Trump vs Airbnb: The battle over the sharing economy gets presidential

01/19/2017| 3:26:13 PM| 中文

Given Trump’s vast hotel empire, his 50+ year real estate and hospitality career, he will likely set his sights on cracking down on strict Airbnb regulation due to the threats that alternative accommodations pose to his empire.

President-elect Donald Trump has made good on one campaign promise of late: He is leveraging his position to influence private industry to keep American jobs in the country.

After negotiating a controversial deal with Carrier to retain 1,100 jobs in Indianapolis in exchange for long-term tax incentives, Trump set his sights on a bigger target: the automotive industry’s assembly of vehicles in Mexico through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which he promised to renegotiate or withdraw from while in office if partner countries refuse to deal.

In recent days, Trump has called out Ford and Toyota for their production of vehicles in Mexico, and Ford announced plans to table expansion of the production of Lincoln SUVs in Mexico.

While the approach is questionable in terms of its long-term impacts on the American economy, it is effecting change within the corporations he has targeted to date, and it seems that he is just getting started.

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