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Google Trips: A step in the right direction

10/13/2016| 11:54:34 AM| 中文

The author believes that Google Trips is a step in the right direction, but it’s just that, a step. It’s not going to revolutionize leisure travel in its current form.

Google Trips got a good bit of attention on its recent release in September, but I’m not sure I understandthe fanfare.

Forbes called Google Trips is a “fantastic… travel app you should download now.” The Verge said it’s “a killer travel app.”

Many others hail it as a personalized travel app, but I’d argue it’s not quite there, yet.

Here’s what Google Trips can do. It scours my email to find itineraries and provides quick access to the original emails if I need them. Handy.

It keeps my car rental details right there along with the air itineraries. I like this, except I mostly Uber these days.

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