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China continues to contribute largest share of tourists to Asia Pacific

06/22/2016| 7:03:56 PM| 中文

China will continue to drive tourism in Asia Pacific this year, with 50.4 million Chinese visitors expected to travel to destinations in the region in 2016.

This is according to the MasterCard Asia Pacific Destinations Index, which found that 15.7% of total international overnight arrivals into Asia Pacific cities this year will from China. These travelers are expected to spend USD 45.3 billion in their destinations, comprising 18.2% of total tourist expenditure in the region.

It is not only China driving tourism in Asia Pacific however, but the entire the Northeast Asia region. Four of the region’s top five source markets are in Northeast Asia, with China being followed by South Korea (32.5 million international arrivals), Taiwan (22.5 million), the US (20.6 million) and Japan (18.0 million).

These four Northeast Asian markets are expected to contribute 38.4% of total international overnight arrivals to the region in 2016.

Such has been the rapid growth of the Chinese outbound tourism market, the country jumped from being the sixth largest source market for Asia Pacific in 2009, with a 5.8% share of arrivals, to the largest in 2012 with a 9.8% share. It has extended its lead at the top ever since, driven by a 25.9% average annual growth rate between 2009 and 2016.

The US has consistently been the highest ranked non-Asia Pacific origin country since 2009, and the UK is the only other non-Asia Pacific country in the top 10, in ninth place.

The top five Asia Pacific destinations for Chinese tourists in 2016 are expected to be Bangkok (8.2 million visitors), Seoul (5.2 million), Tokyo (2.7 million), Phuket (2.5 million) and Pattaya (2.1 million). Singapore (1.8 million) is in seventh place and Bali (1.4 million) is 10th.

Top 10 Source Markets for Asia Pacific Destinations

1)   China               – 50.4 million visitors (15.7%)
2)   South Korea     – 32.5 million (10.1%)
3)   Taiwan             – 22.5 million (7.0%)
4)   US                    – 20.6 million (6.4%)
5)   Japan               – 18.0 million (5.6%)
6)   Singapore         – 14.3 million (4.5%)
7)   Malaysia           – 13.5 million (4.2%)
8)   Australia            – 13.3 million (4.2%)
9)   UK                     – 12.3 million (3.8%)
10) Thailand            – 10.2 million (3.2%)

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