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Advertisers find new dimensions in travel audience data

10/22/2015| 5:20:37 PM| 中文

The travel and leisure industry was one of the first to be transformed by digital.

The industry is somewhat unique in that price is proven to be the overwhelming factor consumers are concerned with – their personal experience with a particular brand is pushed to the back of the line as price gets bumped up to the front.

This in turn makes the industry notoriously competitive with razor thin margins.

As a result, many travel and leisure companies employ cutting edge technologies available in an attempt to reach and engage their consumers before their competitors do. This means the industry was among the first to embrace programmatic advertising and audience data, which allows them to reach the right consumers at the right time.

A world of data

The global data trends from our Q1 Eyeota Index for 2015 shed light on just how sophisticated the programmatic data buying habits of travel and leisure companies has become, including the type of data that is fuelling their advertising investments.

The results are set against a backdrop of an overall global decrease in audience data expenditure in Q1 – a regular occurrence owing to seasonal holiday patterns and budget saturation at the end of Q4.

However, in spite of this global slowdown, the travel and leisure sector experienced the most growth of all sectors and was the biggest spender on audience data – from seventh place in Q4 to first place in Q1 in Europe, for example.

The worldwide travel and leisure sector has started, and will continue to, capitalise on the advantages of programmatic advertising as it allows companies to understand their customers as humans rather than just a pile of anonymous data.

The three biggest spenders within the industry were hotel chains, online travel websites and national airports. These three groups are making efforts to provide a more personalised experience, and approach customers as individuals.

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