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Chinese rank 2nd in 2014 top global frequent fliers

08/31/2015| 6:06:01 PM| 中文

Almost a third of the world's 36 million annual flights take off from the USA with China following at second place with 3,356,756, flights recorded in 2014.

When it comes to frequent flying, Americans still soar above the rest of the world, according to a new report.

The latest data shows that there were 36.5million flights in 2014 - or around 100,000 per day. Most of them took off from America, with airports there registering 9,553,214 commercial departures.

The number of flights from China reached 3,356,756, considerably higher than in 1985, when there were just 102,200.


USA (9,553,214 flights)

China (3,356,756) 

Canada (1,290,420)

UK (1,069,420)

Brazil (937,437)

Japan (927,437)

Germany (913,156)

Russia (747,804)

Turkey (723,207)

India (720,050)

Source: World DataBank 

While the figures for China are steadily rising, the number of flights coming from America have fallen year upon year from a world record of 10,095,197 in 2010.

Other frequent fliers in the top ten included Canada (1,290,420), the UK (1,069,420) and Brazil (937,437). 

Flights from Brazil and India have increased in volume at the fastest rate.

Brazil had just 486,025 departures in 2004 and India just 231,413, but they now have 937,437 and 720,050 respectively. 

The World DataBank, which drew on Civil Aviation Statistics of the World and ICAO staff estimates, left out some statistics from countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Barbados. 

The only countries (sovereign states) which do not have a listed airport within their borders are Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Vatican City. 

The Telegraph reported the annual number of crashes to be 66 so far this year, which means that flying is still by far and away the safest method of travel.  

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