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Web and technology now contribute to the overall hotel guest experience

05/24/2015| 8:51:53 PM| 中文

The most important part of a hotelier’s job is to ensure an outstanding experience for guests while they are on your property. Obviously.

But, easier said than done, making sure they also have a great experience online is also vital.

Let’s take a look five simple ways to ensure your guests find your website and online presence easy to navigate and useful.

1) Make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices

More users than ever are using mobile devices to plan and book hotel stays. Marketers know mobile is now critical at all stages of the purchasing decision and directly influences bookings.

Smartphones are used throughout the travel process, including for inspiration during “snack-able moments.”

Did you know nearly half of those who use their smartphone for leisure travel inspiration ultimately book through another method or device?

Also, more than 83% of leisure travellers have encountered a travel site that was not mobile friendly. Not surprisingly, only 23% of those who encounter a non-mobile-optimized site actually push through to complete their activity.

Don’t lose those potential guests by not optimizing for mobile devices.

2) Be the local expert

Have an online “concierge” presence by dedicating pages on your site to events going on in the area, restaurants, attractions, maps and transportation options.

You are the most knowledgeable person to influence a potential guest regarding the unique experiences in and around your hotel.

3) Easy navigation

Make sure your call to actions are visible and easy to understand throughout your website. Simplification can ultimately increase conversions.

Make sure you are using your analytics data to see where your potential customers are leaving or getting stuck on your site.

An intuitive and clear path through your site to booking options will ensure a guest has great experiences before they even step into the lobby.

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