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Sabre introduces Big Data solution for airlines

03/25/2015| 4:33:15 PM|

Sabre Corporation introduced Sabre Marketplace Analytics, that will allow airlines to view shopping activity and travel demand patterns.

Sabre Corporation introduced Sabre Marketplace Analytics on Tuesday, a new data analytics solution that will allow airlines to view shopping activity and travel demand patterns in the global distributions systems (GDSs).

Airlines using Sabre Marketplace Analytics will be able to view booking data and low-fare shopping requests from more than 2 million travel markets within Sabre’s travel marketplace, helping them convert demand into bookings.

For example, an airline using the solution may see a surge in overall demand for flights from Boston to Miami. If the airline finds that it is not capitalizing on this demand, it may be a sign that the carrier needs to re-adjust its product offerings or marketing strategy (in the two locations or in general).

On top of that, Sabre Marketplace Analytics shows airlines shopping activity up to a year in the future and as far back as 120 days in the past. The solution does this in a user-friendly, visual manner through analytical dashboards and heat maps.

The solution also features data on the type of travel, length of stay and the region and sales channels from which the demand spawns.

Essentially, Sabre Marketplace Analytics is finally giving airlines some leverage in the world of big data. While hoteliers and OTAs have been at the forefront of the digital movement, airlines still need to catch up, in part because there haven’t been many advanced airline-specific solutions for them to use. The new solution by Sabre aims to close that gap and help airlines finally start marketing effectively and efficiently at a time when data collection is surging (and for good reason; it’s driving revenue).

“While there has been a lot of buzz about big data over the past few years, creating meaningful customer solutions that leverage data sets at this scale is still highly complex. Sabre is at the forefront of solving some of the most challenging problems associated with big data applications,” said Greg Webb, president of Sabre Travel Network, via a release.

It’s about personalization and targeting costumers these days, in the travel industry and beyond. That includes anticipating what customers want before they even want it.

It looks like airlines now have more solutions to be able to do this, and Sabre appears to be at the forefront.

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