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Analysis reveals red-hot areas of sharing economy

02/06/2015| 6:54:24 PM| 中文

A sub-sector report from Traxcn has revealed some of the red-hot areas of the sharing economy: namely food and logistics.

While these areas aren’t directly related to travel, they do reveal how the travel-focused sharing economy has trickled up into the wider economy. And while the stay and transportation sub-sectors garner the most money, the smaller sectors are ramping up. 

Late stage investment rounds are also ramping up, going from 16% in 2009 to 33% in 2014 as investors seek to bolster proven models rather than fund unproven early stage ideas are ramping up. 

Areas such as food are also nascent mega-sectors, with startups such as EatWith blurring the lines between hospitality and travel. Basically, those startups are providing a tech-enabled experience that could equally be a part of a tourist’s visit or a local’s evening. That’s how travel is morphing into hospitality — locals and visitors sharing similar activities. 

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