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Tapping emotions at the moment of booking

12/30/2014| 2:08:06 PM| 中文

When you think of it, it might seem like an obvious question: what motivates people to travel on holiday and what are they looking to gain from the experience?

And yet, historically there has been surprisingly little industry research into this area. Partly because we would think that the answers are self-evident (though this misses the difference in influences that affect an individual’s decision to travel) and partly it is because the link between guest motivation and the bottom line is less obvious.

Who cares why people travel, as long as we know what they want when they get here?

In fact, as our recent TripBarometer study into the Psychology of Travel shows, that is where some UK hoteliers may be missing a trick. For many travellers, the experience of travel doesn’t begin when they leave the front door, it begins at the point of researching and booking– whether that be while sitting in front of their computer, at a travel agent or on their mobile device.

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