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Alipay launches “Overseas Transportation Card” service

12/16/2014| 10:38:34 AM|

Alipay has now launched “Overseas Transportation Card”, for users to purchase foreign public transportation passes via Alipay Wallet.

After establishing their overseas tax-refund service, Alipay has now launched a new service called “Overseas Transportation Card”, which allows users to purchase foreign public transportation passes via Alipay Wallet prior to their travel abroad.

It was said that Singapore’s NETS Flashpay Card, Thailand’s Rabbit Card, South Korea’s T-money Card and Macao’s Macao Pass had established partnerships with Alipay. Among them, Singapore’s NETS was the first to partner and started their cooperation with Alipay in June this year.  

So far, three overseas transportation cards are sold via Alipay Wallet, and South Korea’s T-money Card will be available soon.

According to the presentation by Alipay at the launch on December 1, users that successfully purchase the overseas transportation cards will receive an e-voucher. Alipay Wallet users only need to enter the “Outbound Travel” module or service window, choose the transportation card and card value they want, input the payment password and then they receive the e-voucher.

After arriving at the overseas destination, users can go to the designated service point and collect the physical transportation cards by providing the service staff with the barcode on their mobile phone to scan.

The most convenient feature is that the unused credit on the cards can be refunded directly to their Alipay accounts when the users return the physical cards, which saves the trouble of receiving small change in a foreign currency.

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