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Alitrip achieves RMB500 million sales on “Singles Day”

11/28/2014| 12:22:25 PM| 中文

Of Alitrip's “Singles Day” sales, 150,000 transactions were for outbound travel products, with 12 partners registering daily sales of over RMB10 million.

TravelDaily – The much anticipated revelation of newly-launched Alitrip’s “Singles Day” sales performance, was announced by the company’s general manager Shaohua Li in the “Alitrip Partners Meeting” held on November 27. The company also outlined its future plans and the strategic visions to 1,000 partnership representatives attending..

A summary of Alitrip’s “Singles Day” performance:

Over RMB500 million in transactions for vacation products

Over 300,000 tickets sold

Over 150,000 hotel and guesthouse rooms sold

Of the “Singles Day” sales, 150,000 transactions were for outbound travel products, with 12 partners registering daily sales of over RMB10 million. The best performing partner achieved RMB80 million in single-day sales. The USA was the most popular outbound destination, with sales skyrocketing to a 20,000 transactions. Palau also had 4,000 travel bookings, equivalent to one-eighth of the Pacific island’s population. The top-selling product was the Alitrip “Fly across China Package Ticket”, with 150,000 tickets sold.

Mr Li said: “We had over 45 million unique visits to our campaign webpage on this Singles Day, and over 20 million Alimembers also picked up Alitrip memberships.” He believed that Alitrip’s strategy was not only to attract users with discounted products but also to understand the needs of users through data collected from its C2B platform and then flexibly link suppliers to satisfy the customer demand for individualization in the internet age.

Alitrip’s “Triple Mega” partnership strategy

Alitrip’s future partnership strategy is joint development of a super age for the online travel industry with mega-platform, mega-data and mega-service, Mr Li announced at the meeting.

Mr Li said that mobile apps development would be the core strategy for Alitrip in the next 12 months. Mobile device-based sales already made up of more than 58% of total sales as of November 26 and is projected to rise to 70% within the next three months. It is aiming to create a seamless service line between suppliers and smartphone users with not only functional services but also customer support for users during their travels.

At the close of the meeting, Mr. Li outlined the company’s vision of an open platform. “Our platform is as open as our attitude towards our partners and customers. The online travel industry is far from becoming the monopoly of any single entity, neither does it alienate new comers. As only long as the entire industry is united then can we provide fresh travel experiences to customers and evolve the industry.”(Translation by David)

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