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Airfarewatchdog debuts Hotelwatchdog

11/17/2014| 5:50:56 PM|

Airfarewatchdog has announced the launch of Hotelwatchdog – a free new service that analyzes and compares hotels based on price, location and traveler reviews.

Airfarewatchdog has announced the launch of Hotelwatchdog – a free new service that analyzes and compares hotels based on price, location and traveler reviews.  Hotelwatchdog sifts through millions of data points and delivers the most relevant hotel results based on a destination selected by the traveler. 

Gone are the days of basic filtering. Hotelwatchdog's secret sauce brings the best in pricing, location and positive traveler reviews to the top using multi-dimensional techniques – and delivering hotel results that matter. Hotelwatchdog uses a proprietary algorithm that sorts through millions of data points to give the traveler the top choices for a happy stay.

With so many options to pick from, Hotelwatchdog weighs millions of pieces of data before a single search result is returned. All of this means that instead of someone having to choose blindly from almost 1,800 hotels in Paris for example, Hotelwatchdog gives them a list of around 20 hotels that have been carefully analyzed and determined to offer the very best for the traveler's buck.

The service compares pricing from both online travel agencies and popular hotel-specific sites – giving travelers the widest coverage before producing the most relevant results in your destination.  

With a mantra of  "A quality search in seconds – not hours", Hotelwatchdog stands behind its "take the test" mantra and encourages travelers to time themselves, comparing Hotelwatchdog's immediate results to the ones found on countless travel sites.

How does it work?

Hotelwatchdog makes the hunt for hotels easier by doing the work and analyzing the three most valuable things travelers look for when booking a hotel: price, location, and ratings. 

By combining all of these details into one list, travelers can choose from the best-of-the-best instead of hunting through thousands of hotels. Hotelwatchdog also shows them prices for these hotels on several popular booking sites, so they can get real-time rates and information right away—saving them both time and money.

Seasoned travel expert George Hobica says, "Whenever I look for a hotel stay, the first thing I do is filter out low ratings on TripAdvisor. And then I filter out hotels in inconvenient locations. And then I filter for price. Just as Airfarewatchdog.com only lists airfares with a high value quotient, Hotelwatchdog does the same thing for hotels. It just makes the whole process faster and simpler."

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