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Family travel startup Maitian Club raises one million US dollars

10/28/2014| 11:34:30 AM| 中文

Former eLong COO Jason Xie's startup Maitian Club specializes in the family-outing travel market and has already received a US$1 million dollar angel investment.

The startup company Maitian Club (Chinese: Maitian Qingziyou), founded by former eLong COO Jason Xie, specializes in the family-outing travel market. It has a C2B reversed business model and has created a communication channel and information platform connecting suppliers and customers. The company has already received a US$1 million dollar angel investment.

Maitian Club’s management team is made up of 7 core members including its CEO Jason Xie. Robbin Fan (former CTO at China’s largest IT site- CSDN and founder of Javaeye.com) is the company’s CTO.

Maitian Club offers products for weekend getaways outside the city as well as for overseas trips. When designing their products Maitian Club will consider the special needs of family-travel for example: adding beds to the parents’ rooms and giving extra meal coupons for children. The itinerary for family-trips are more relaxed and are focused on enrichment activities and interactive experiences rather than sightseeing.

How Maitian Club’s C2B model works

Maitian Club has already created many Wechat groups based on destinations. For example there are Wechat groups called “New Zealand Spring Festival Trip Group” or the “Overnight Ocean Park Parents Group” etc. Customers and suppliers can give their opinions in these Wechat groups. Then Maitian Club summarizes the feedback and gives the suppliers an initial proposal.

Jason Xie, Maitian Club CEO, says, “For now Wechat groups are an effective communication channel for the business. However Wechat was not specifically designed for Maitian Club’s particular service, so there are still shortcomings in the functions. In the future Maitian Club will come up their own original communication tool”.

A new niche in the travel industry

Jason Xie sees the following advantages in the market for family-travel:

High consumption and higher average spending by parents.
Long customer lifespan with the average age of target children 3-14 years old.
Long-term profits as family planning restrictions are eased the number of customers will also increase.
No leaders yet in the field makes it the perfect time for Maitian Club to establish itself as a leading brand.

Currently, Maitian Club has over 7,000 members who make repeat purchases on an average of once every 52 days. Maitian Club’s marketing is largely through word-of-mouth referrals between friends. Revenue flow at the highest point is already over a million RMB per month. Looking at its current state of development, Maitian Club has a strong market position and a highly imaginative business model.(Translation by David)

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