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Chinese most likely to lie about their vacations

08/14/2014| 9:10:45 AM|

Chinese travelers are the most likely to exaggerate their holiday experience upon returning home, a global survey by Hotels.com found.

Some 67 percent of Chinese respondents admitted to telling friends and family about post-vacation 'porky pies,' according to the poll which surveyed a pool of 2,495 travelers from 28 countries in the month of July.

Germans ranked second with 64 percent admitting they would lie about their travel stories, and South Koreans came in third, at 48 percent.

According to Zoe Chan, head of public relations for Asia Pacific at Hotels.com, the main reason travelers tend to embellish their holiday experience is to impress others.

"This is usually by embellishing an engaging story about the region-exclusive products they bought, the foreign delicacies they tried, and also the exotic photos they took for social media sharing," said Chan.

By comparison, the most honest respondents were Mexicans, with only 8 percent admitting to embellishing their travel anecdotes, while Hong Kong tourists also came in with a low score at 9 percent.

Mobile device addiction

The survey also delved into the use of mobile devices whilst on vacation and found that for many tourists, the thought of going on vacation without their phone leaves them in a cold sweat.

Thai travelers are the worst globally when it comes to this trend, with 85 percent of Thai travelers admitting they wouldn't be prepared to leave their mobile devices behind.

"Results revealed that smartphone came in the first of the top ten items that Thais can't enjoy their holiday without," said Chan.

South Korea, meanwhile, ranked second with 78 percent of travelers refusing to leave their devices at home, while Japan came in third with 69 percent and China fourth with 67 percent. Singaporeans ranked fifth at 60 percent.

Out of the top ten countries least willing to ditch their devices on vacation, six were Asian countries.

Hotels.com told CNBC this trend was predominantly due to Asians' 'workaholic' nature and their strong desire for instant communication and sharing.

"They are very eager to exchange travel experiences on social media such as Facebook, Weibo, Instagram and Twitter, and chat with friends and families through popular mobile apps such as LINE and Whatsapp," added Chan.

Travelers from India, however, appeared to be the least addicted to their mobile devices with only 20 percent of Indian respondents claiming they could not do without them. Argentine and Spanish tourists also logged a low scores at 22 percent each.

Mobile devices were classified in the survey as phones, tablets, laptops, e-readers and handheld gaming devices.

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