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Where do Chinese tourists travel in Central Asia?

07/14/2014| 10:35:42 AM|

Central Asia is not equipped and prepared to receive a share of the potential Chinese outbound tourism market according to a recent tourism study.

Central Asian states could get tourists from China if these countries work effectively and enhance their professional capacity. This was observed in a study named “Tourism Trends in Central Asia” released by The Region Initiative (TRI) on Friday.

The study indicates that 97 million Chinese tourists visited foreign countries in year 2013 but visit did hardly ever visit include neighboring countries in Central Asia. The study said for Chinese visitors to travel to neighboring Central Asia countries could be more affordable due to cultural, ethnic and historical proximity.

Chinese tour operators hesitate to include this region into travel plans due to many reasons including border crossing difficulties from China and also when crossing borders within Central Asian countries.

The figures underline the rapid rise in the numbers of Chinese travelling abroad, who numbered just 29 million in 2004 and 97 million in 2013. This trend is still at Upward.

Chinese travelers spent US$102 billion overseas in 2012, making them the world’s biggest spenders ahead of Germans and Americans.

Study indicates that expanding the ranks of China’s middle class is giving a boost to outbound travel as this class his hungry for foreign travel. China has a history of decades in isolation during the last century.

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan should do well to enhance their cooperation efforts and provide Chinese-language guide services.

Major issues that are hampering growth of Chinese tourism in Central Asian countries include in summary:

Insufficient promotions, a shortage of Chinese-speaking guides as well as complicated visa application procedures.

In addition Chinese restaurants are rare, Chinese cooks are hardly available in most Central Asian countries. The number of hotels need to be increased as well as traditional Sarais .

Central Asian tour operators are mostly working to attract Germans, French and Americans tourists. Chinese are very particular about their food while Germans, French and Americans enjoy also Central Asian food Western food is usually available as well.

Kazakhstan had 250,000 to 300,000 Chinese visitors per year, what is a very low number.

No proper and planned Road shows to create more opportunities and platforms in China are planned by stakeholders.

The World Tourism Organization predicts further increase in overseas trips made by Chinese people in next 5 years.

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