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Chinese spend the most on international vacations

06/12/2014| 10:53:33 PM|

CHINESE tourists remain the biggest spenders on travels overseas, according to a report released by tourism shopping company Global Blue.

Their average spending on overseas travel in the first quarter grew 25% year-on-year to 846 (RM3,679) per person, compared with the global average of 502 (RM2,183), the report said.

The report also showed that Chinese outbound tourism spending accounts for 27% of the total global consumption, followed by Russia, Indonesia, the United States and Japan.

The amount included only transactions handled by Global Blue, a shopping tax refund and currency exchange company based in Nyon, Switzerland. It handled more than 26 million tax rebates in 2013.

According to Manelik Sfez, vice-president of corporate marketing at Global Blue, France is the favourite shopping destination for Chinese, followed by Singapore, Germany, Britain and Italy.

Eighty-two per cent of Chinese tourists surveyed for the report said they believe shopping is a priority task while traveling, and the average shopping budget per Chinese person reached 10,773 (RM46,853).

According to Sfez, a slowdown in Chinese outbound travel despite the increase in tourism spending is partly due to the new tourism law.

A survey conducted by the China Tourism Academy revealed that Chinese outbound tourists prefer more practical products rather than luxury brands.

The agency vows to further help Chinese global shoppers plan shopping excursions abroad through promotions at airports, tour operators, smartphone apps and Chinese-language signs and services.

“Chinese outbound spending has grown rapidly in recent years,” said Dai Bin, head of the China Tourism Academy, during the report’s release in Beijing.

“The momentum is overwhelming, and global destinations, as well as airlines and hotels, must attach significance and tolerance to Chinese outbound tourists.” — China Daily / Asia News Network

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