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Booking.com: the most persuasive selling page in the world?

05/20/2014| 9:47:19 AM| 中文

This article will provide some insights on how it is delivering content on a crucial page in the browsing journey: the hotel detail page.

Big, bold, inviting image

Visit any one of the hotel detail pages on Booking.com and straight away you are hit with a big, bold image of the hotel.

I need to hold my hands up and say that I don’t know how well each hotel is being portrayed as there are far too many to look at and, based on a presentation I had the pleasure of witnessing at the annual company conference back in 2010, there will be some absolutely shockers hidden in the depth of the website.

But I digress. When you are booking a hotel, seeing large photos of the hotel, with easy to use navigation buttons and a wide range of alternative images to showcase the hotel, is a big tick in my book.

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