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The Impact Of Social Media In The Travel Marketing Industry

03/16/2014| 9:17:51 PM| 中文

Word like authenticity, engagement and silo are absolutely at or near the the top of my list re: keywords for brands when it comes to the use of social media. If brands can’t come to grips with these kinds of words, they have no shot at succeeding in social media.

I will surely refrain from spouting off all the latest and greatest social media marketing numbers. From the gazillion numbers of people on Facebook on Twitter to the rapid rise of Pinterest and Instagram and on and on and on.

I am fairly confident in saying that social media is not a fad. Hard to believe but there are still people who walk among us who still believe that. This just in, the world is not flat, either.

The reason I started this particular piece off this way was for the simple reason that with so many of us humans on one, two or thirty different social media platforms, the point is we are all using social media. Ok not all, but a really, really big number of us to use a not-so-scientific reference.

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