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Google to close Schemer destination activity planning service

01/22/2014| 12:24:21 PM| 中文

Just two years after Google quietly launched quasi-social travel inspiration/things-to-do-in-life service Schemer, Google has quietly shut it down again.

The system worked by giving out local destination tips and other ideas from those in a user’s Google+ circles, celebrities and professionals, such as travel writers.

It also included content from the Zagat service which Google had purchased just a few months before in September 2011.

There was no commercialisation of the products suggested in the system, essentially it was just an ideas engine, but was enough of a move by Google to put many of the tours and activities providers (booking services, person-to-person marketplaces) on alert given that it was the Big G’s first foray into the sector.

Readf full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/article/google-to-close-schemer-activity-planning/

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