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Report: The Cellphone Is Underrated as a Travel Inspiration Tool

01/21/2014| 10:18:48 AM| 中文

Many travel companies have turned to iPads and other tablets when they want to inspire travelers to dream of their next vacations, but in so doing they may be short-changing the mobile phone, and they may want to rethink their app-development priorities.

A PhoCusWright survey of 2,200 U.S. travelers in the fourth quarter of 2013 found that 26% travelers broke out their phones for both destination selection and shopping, compared with 20% and 18%, respectively, of tablet users.

 So while tablet adoption has almost tripled since 2012 to nearly half of all travelers, the smartphone may not be getting its due as a device for travel inspiration.

“Desktop is still dominant, especially when it comes to booking, but the high incidence of phone use during destination selection suggests that, despite the limitation of the small screen, travelers are exploring, dreaming in their free time, on the couch, or in a meeting, with the device most handy,” says Douglas Quinby, PhoCusWright’s vice president, research. “That, of course, is the device right in their hand.”

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