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Smart Hotelier’s 2014 Top Ten Digital Marketing Resolutions

01/10/2014| 12:35:53 PM| 中文

With 2014 expected to be another great year in our industry, we encourage you to adopt these resolutions and to start the year in good digital health.

Whether you’ve experienced digital marketing success this year, or have continued to struggle with your direct online channel strategy, now is the perfect time for reflection and planning ahead. 2013, a year of growth in our industry, has also been a year chock full of major industry developments. A few examples include the explosion in meta search travel websites, the continued growth of the mobile and tablet channels, the fall of keyword-centric SEO due to the rise of Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird, and new technology advancements that have allowed us to achieve unparalleled heights in hotel distribution.
Music to any hotelier’s ears is that 2014 is expected to be another great year in hospitality. All three key performance indicators are expected to experience growth, over the already robust growth of 2013.
To help you reap the benefits of this continued growth and understand where to focus your strategy next year, here are the 2014 Top Ten New Year’s Digital Marketing Strategy Resolutions presented by HeBS Digital for the 14th consecutive year.

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