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How Park Hyatt Learned Guests Prize Local Experiences Over Luxury

12/03/2013| 10:26:34 AM| 中文

Park Hyatt Hotels was one of the first major hotel brands to differentiate itself in the marketplace by creating destination-specifc experiences that guests could not create on their own. For example, Park Hyatt developed what is considered the first food and wine festival in America at the ex-Park Hyatt Carmel in the 1980s, called The Masters of Food & Wine. That event is regarded as a primary catalyst for the “farm-to-table” trend now common in hotels nationwide.

In 2011, Park Hyatt rolled out variations of the culinary event as a standard offering at its hotels worldwide, taking place four times a year during each season. For guests not visiting during those specific weeks, Park Hyatt continues to develop other immersive insider experiences like pearl diving and fishing aboard a dhow with Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi.

New programs created this year include an overnight excursion from Park Hyatt Tokyo to a Yamato tea farm in the Nara Prefecture outside Tokyo, where guests learn every aspect of the tea production process. In September, Park Hyatt Saigon took guests to the Grand Place Cacao Farm on the Mekong Delta. They learned about the life cycle of chocolate while touring the farm, before participating in a pastry-making class.

Next year in February, Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow will host an exploration of different vodkas, followed by a five-course, vodka-paired Russian meal.

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