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Google Hummingbird update – a quick guide for travel marketers

12/01/2013| 10:12:53 AM| 中文

The Google Hummingbird update is aimed at promoting “conversational search” by paying more attention to the user intent behind a query whilst processing each word in a sentence or conversation.

The aim is to provide results that are better tailored to the intent rather than a select few keywords.

Google now takes more of the query into consideration when providing search results, providing us with even more opportunity to gain coverage by utilising more semantic, conversational search terms within our content.

What should the travel sector be doing?

If you are one of those marketing managers who has spent months trying to convince your MD that your number one objective isn’t to “appear at the top of Google for vanity keyword X”, then keep reading as I hope I can provide you with some ammunition in the next board meeting.

Read full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/article/google-hummingbird-travel-tips

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