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Moving on with personalization from lip service to reality

11/29/2013| 9:39:52 AM| 中文

The travel industry has been talking about personalization for so long without doing much about it. It has become so much lip service, a philosophy every company swears allegiance to but one no one knows how to put into practice.

First, let’s define personalization.

Providing a personalized travel experience has historically meant recognizing VIP or repeat guests, honoring the entitlements of a frequent flier or frequent guest status, providing expedited car rental pickup, using the traveller’s name and other in-trip touches to make sure the experience was a “personal” one.

Today, personalization has taken on a much broader meaning, extending it from in-trip services to pre-trip targeted offers and advertising, and to post-trip reviews and offers to share. For the purposes of this post, let’s stick to non-advertising forms of personalization.

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