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How to bridge the travel marketing divide

11/18/2013| 10:42:55 AM| 中文

Data is everywhere and yet as those in travel marketing use it build a strong relationships with their consumers, it can be difficult to deliver a personal and tailored user experience.

To help understand this so-called “digital marketing gap”, we partnered with The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to understand marketer and consumer perceptions towards digital marketing in the travel sector; and to see which strategies and tactics work, and which do not.

Consumers in travel prefer to acquire different types of travel information through the brand websites and company’s media material (68%) to gain product and service information as well as expert review sites (54%) and vendor/reputation information (45%) for validation.

It is important for travel marketers to provide comprehensive information on their websites and ensure that the third-party websites are accurately representing your brand. We found that third party sites were often the “missing link” here.

Read full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/article/travel-marketing-bridge-divide

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