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Hands-on with Google Glass: The developer perspective

10/10/2013| 2:10:14 PM| 中文

The CEO and founder of Givit - Greg kostello - as a developer, shares with us his viewpoint on what device Google Glass is.

Glass is the first “on your face, always on, always available” wearable device.My company, Givit, develops a mobile-video-creation, sharing and discovery app for iOS, and our newest extension is a companion app for Google Glass, available to all members of the Explorer Program. We are fervently spending as much time as possible using Glass in the real-world to truly understand it (and to adjust our Glass app accordingly).

After one month with Glass, I’ve recorded more video than I did in six months of using my iPhone. The device is a perfect extension of other day-to-day activities including taking photos, web browsing, navigating maps, and more. In my first month using Glass here is what I’ve learned.

Google Glass is great if you are a geeky extrovert


If you like meeting people and talking tech, Google Glass is the perfect ice breaker. There is nothing like Google Glass to make complete strangers engage you in a conversation.

Read full story at: http://venturebeat.com/2013/09/22/google-glass-developer/

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