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Hotels should gamify loyalty programs

09/23/2013| 10:45:53 AM| 中文

Youri Sawerschel of Geneva-based consultancy bridge.over share his viewpoint on how hotel loyalty progams should combine with social network.

My thesis is simple: Hotel chains could increase customer loyalty and share of wallet by turning their loyalty programs into social games.

Hotels loyalty programs have essentially the same structure today as 10 years ago: Try remain loyal to a brand in order to collect points that can be redeemed in exchange of benefits, such as free rooms, and loyalty status ladder ascension. 

Yet loyalty programs aren’t leveraging the public interest that has grown in services using a social component as a differentiator such as Spotify (a music streaming service) and Pinterest (a photo sharing website). 

Read full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/article/future-loyalty-programs-social/

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