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So what do hoteliers really think about OTAs?

07/31/2013| 10:18:37 AM| 中文

Online travel agencies control a significant proportion of hotel bookings – and charge a healthy commission to boot. So how much do hotels need them and how can they be managed? Rosalind Mullen of Travolution sister title Caterer and Hotelkeeper reports.

On the face of it, online travel agents (OTAs) are a boon. They help hoteliers fill empty beds and ensure a wider marketing reach using their superior investment clout and technical expertise. 

Nevertheless, there is a growing sense of unease about their growth.

Not only is there the ongoing investigation into alleged resale price maintenance by the Office of Fair Trading, but analysis from financial services group Nomura has found that Booking.com and Expedia (Hotels.com) control more than 65% of European indirect online hotel sales.

Read full story at: http://www.travolution.co.uk/Articles/2013/07/26/6942/

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