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10 steps to stand out from the crowd and bring direct traffic home

07/30/2013| 10:06:41 AM| 中文

Don’t neglect your own website, it is where hoteliers have the greatest control over image, rates, margins and several other essential factors that might also be somewhat controllable on other channels, although never as much as in the hotel’s own channels. Direct website traffic is very important in the hotel industry.

Hotels have to be able to stand on their own, especially if they are relatively small and have little brand recognition. The internet is a level playing field, but it is also very crowded and noisy. If hoteliers don’t have a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, they will have a great difficulty being noticed, and will consequently be dependent on online travel agents like booking.com.

Hoteliers not only need to have potential customers land on the hotel’s own website but they also need a website which is an attractive enough channel so as to guarantee that customers will actually book their stays instead of booking through other channels.

So, how can hoteliers increase direct website traffic?

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