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Is travel at a do or die moment in big data?

06/28/2013| 10:50:12 AM| 中文

While there might already be fatigue at the overuse of the term ‘big data’ now is the time to act if a report from Amadeus is to be believed.

The study, penned by Thomas Davenport, a visiting professor at Harvard Business School, who sees big data as the ‘biggest opportunity in a generation for travel businesses’.

Interesting to note that Amadeus is already acting with the development of a travel intelligence engine alluded to by Pascal Clement, head of travel intelligence, at the company’s Airline eCommerce and Mobile conference earlier this month.

“It’s a platform that will work for you and do for you the part that we all have to do. We already work with similar types of data – Amadeus data, customer data, industry data – and we want to move away from who owns the data to how do we get the value of all this data.”

Read full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/2013/06/26/news/is-travel-at-a-do-or-die-moment-in-big-data/

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