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Search and social media marketing advice for travel marketing

06/27/2013| 10:36:45 AM| 中文

This post is simply a guide with some relevant links to digital marketing best practice that can be employed by one man bands, home workers or high street travel firms looking to make the most of a sexy product.

It’s not an uncommon process for a firm at start-up level to take their passion for a product or a service and jump head first into an enterprise that can very easily run away, become unsustainable and ultimately fail.

The advent of the online option for travellers to purchase was a great leveller in the travel industry. Distribution was not limited to high street chains as independents could conceivable set up a shop window with 24-hour visibility, seven days a week.

Several years later, the big names have flexed their financial muscle in an attempt to dominate the online channel but I’m a firm believer (and more a fan of David than Goliath) that there is enough for the little guy (and gal) to make a nice living.

Read full story at: http://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/travel-marketing-search-social-tips/

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