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Do travel deals change based on your browsing history?

06/26/2013| 11:47:12 AM| 中文

Four different browsing histories and online profiles could result in four different prices for the same flight, according to consumer advocates who fear that individually tailored price points for identical products could be a reality soon.

Imagine seeing a pair of shoes in a store window priced at $50, but when you enter the store you're told the actual cost is $75. It's the classic bait-and-switch. Well, what if the store offered a variety of prices for those same shoes, ranging from $50 on up to $100? And what if the amount YOU will be charged is due to a complex formula based on the condition of other shoes you've bought, how much you've spent on shoes in the past and what you're likely to spend for shoes now?

Think that couldn't happen? Some say it already is. And consumer advocates warn that the world's airlines want to codify and legalize such practices, so that soon every flight you book will be personally priced just for you.

The dynamics of pricing

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