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So just what does social influence mean in travel marketing?

04/16/2013| 10:16:18 AM| 中文

Travel marketers should know the audience and engage with the right influencers – and then deliver them a customized experience that they cannot help but wax lyrical about to their engaged followers.

Targeting influencers in marketing is most definitely not new – from sending out samples to social butterflies to Tupperware parties to the much-hyped ‘fam’ trip for press to a particular destination, it has all been done before.

Social media has changed this landscape considerably, as reach can now be measured in ways beyond print runs and pageviews. Marketers are constantly seeking out influencers in the social media landscape, and this is no different in the travel world.

CVBs, destination marketers, hotel brands and all kinds of other travel brands are pushing the thought process behind using influencers as marketing tools. Even though there’s some chatter about certain travelers not even turning to digital influencers for travel advice, there’s no shortage of marketers sharing best practices on identifying and measuring influencers:

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