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Reputation matters, so get smart with intelligent guest feedback

03/28/2013| 10:53:42 AM| 中文

Hotels should gather reliable feedback and then intelligently analyze it by reference to what’s important to guests and the rates paid to come up with an action plan that will have the greatest impact on the guest experience.

NB: This is a viewpoint from Caroline Doherty of HotelTrail, a Colombia-based company providing hotel guest experience insight and analysis.

Some hotels think there’s some magic to getting a great reputation. There isn’t. It’s simple –the key is to provide a consistently great experience, which is in line with, or exceeds, what guests would expect for the rate they pay. If you do that you’ll have satisfied guests that are eager to return, and better yet, will tell the world how great you are.

Of course, to ensure you’re consistently giving guests the right experience you need to regularly measure and assess your performance and take action accordingly.

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