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Are verified reviews the future? I say ‘no’

03/19/2013| 10:21:18 AM| 中文

Hoteliers should spend less time fighting the few fake reviews and more time ensuring guests leave with a positive experience and the encouragement to report their experience to the right channels.

As important as online reviews are to the success of your hotel today, I have a feeling we’re just at the tip of the iceberg.

TripAdvisor dominated the game for a long time—and still does. What will really shake things up is when reviews about your hotel are integrated into the mediums consumers frequent everyday—TV, phone, tablet, Google—and served up just at the right time: purchase point.

It’s getting there. The fact that consumers can see TripAdvisor reviews on Facebook—from their friends, and friends of friends—is the direction we’re headed. Next, reviews will be personalized, segmented and served up appropriately.

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