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How Guests Select Hotels around the World – Global Results

01/16/2013| 10:21:28 AM| 中文

A study by Market Metrix shows that location still reigns as the primary factor that determines hotel choice.

We recently finished a study that looked at the reasons why people all around the world select a particular hotel or casino. The results offer insight into current guest behavior, and suggest ways to appeal to them. In this and subsequent posts we’ll pull out some of the highlights.

The study was based on results from the Market Metrix Hospitality Index (MMHI), and includes data from 40,000 American, European, and Asian travelers during 2012.  We focused on several questions that ask guests why they selected a particular hotel or casino on their most recent trip (visit MMHI product page for more detail on methodology).


Read full story at: http://corp.marketmetrix.com/how-guests-select-hotels-around-the-world-global-results/

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