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Looking ahead to 2013

01/09/2013| 10:51:17 AM| 中文

But barring psychological shocks to consumers, or disasters of other sorts, there is every reason to believe that travel and tourism has found its way out of the recession and will continue moving on.

The travel industry is poised for a good year in 2013. The industry's engines aren't firing perfectly on all cylinders just yet, but they are purring well enough to meet demand, maybe exceed expectations, and make a profit.

Unfortunately, the major players can only go so far to make it happen. As always, they're going to be at the mercy of external events: global oil prices, macroeconomic forces, Middle Eastern geopolitics, U.S. government policy, European monetary policy, storms and all the rest.

In short, if 2013 turns out to be a bummer for travel, it very likely won't be the industry's fault, because travel companies have spent the better part of the recession taking care of business.

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