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Another travel startup story: Why iGottaGuide failed

12/03/2012| 6:05:31 PM| 中文

iGottaGuide was a peer-to-peer marketplace for unique experiences. Its founder Keith Petri outlined a number of issues that ultimately contributed to iGottaGuide’s failure.

NB: This is a guest article by Keith Petri. It originally appeared on his blog, KeithPetri.com. Petri is a small business consultant focusing on implementing new technologies and providing traditional consulting services for his clients in the restaurant and hospitality industries. He conducts market research analysis to implement strategies to increase customer base. Follow Petri on Twitter.

iGottaGuide was my first scalable technology startup. Prior to working with my co-founder and developer Michael Griffiths, we both had extensive experience in service-based businesses.


We saw tourism as a fragmented industry, hard to navigate with a massive amount of information and options available. While the best way to experience a new city is like a local, connecting with a local expert willing to share his insight and, more importantly his time, was not something easily accessible.

Read full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/2012/11/28/news/another-travel-startup-story-why-igottaguide-failed/

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